About me

Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog!

I am very new to the blogging world and learning (and making mistakes) all the time. This blog will be mainly about my patchwork and quilting, sewing, knitting and crochet but I reserve the right to go "off-piste" with some cooking and musings in general.

I am a 61 year old Mum, Grandma and wife. Married to Mike, Mum and step mum to Caroline, Jenny and Susannah and Grandma to Sam, Alexandra, Jacob, Isobel, Vivi and Hugo. The grandchildren range from nine to nearly two.

Mike and I live in the Vale of Glamorgan, just outside Cardiff in Wales. We are surrounded by countryside and both of us enjoy the peace and quiet. However the proximity to Cardiff means we also enjoy concerts, opera, ballet, museums, galleries and restaurants.

I trained as a nurse and midwife but I have been retired, by choice, since the age of 47. Sometimes it's difficult to see how I fitted my work in.

I read (a lot), cook, bake and love my friends. Genealogy is a passion. And travel! And good wine too.


  1. You know, we seem to have so much in common. Reading, sewing, grands, baking. Maybe that's why I felt such a strong connection to you when we first "met."
    Didn't you tell me about a site for brand new bloggers? Where the blog has to be at least 2 weeks old?

    1. Not sure if it was me although I would like to know about it if you find it.

  2. You are NEVER 60????? You look amazing Catherine, your energy and zest for life shines in your face :)xx

  3. Hi Catherine - found you and love your blog. It was lovely meeting you yesterday and look forward to keeping in touch with what you are up to. Fancy you being a nurse - so was I!

  4. Hello Catherine, I'm so happy that you came to see my blog and take the time to write a comment that I came to visit you! Like you, I am a retired nurse, midwife, am nearly 60! (YIKES!), I have 4 children and so far only 1 grandson! I love your blog and I will follow your journey into patchwork! Thank you for your lovely comment and I hope to see you again soon!

  5. Hi Catherine...you are the winner of the giveaway over at 'A Quilter's Mission'! I didn't have an email, so I hope that you get this right away. Please send me a mailing address as soon as possible. I need to hear from you by Monday, please!


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