Thursday, 26 June 2014

Quilt binding for my Triangle quilt

I started on the Triangle QAL what seems like years ago but was in fact in late April. I blogged about it here. Progress has been really slow. I kept putting it on one side firstly because I needed more fabric then because I found cutting out all those triangle a real trial. I starched, then starched again and took my time to make sure I did not stretch the bias. It was not the most enjoyable experience. Two days ago I decided that I WAS going to finish this d….d quilt and spent all yesterday and most of today on my machine. The result is a finished top and pieced backing. What, no photo????? Well, no. I want to keep this one a surprise for my little granddaughter Vivi. We are going up to the Lakes in mid July by which time I hope to have had it quilted.

However I will share the photos of the binding which I am so proud of. I followed a tutorial by Debbie of A Quilter's Table.  Debbie shares my two big interests, quilting (which she has done for 25 years) and cooking, shopping for and eating food. Her quilts are so exciting and she is just about to start running a Postcard Quilt along. I might just join in now that I've all but finished Viv's quilt.

On to the binding. Debbie's full tutorial can be found here but I thought I'd add some photos of my process.

First I lined up 1.5" strips taken from the half width of the fabric with the right ends at an approximate 45° angle. I sewed the strips into a block of about 16 strips. The block was pressed very well with all seams pressed to one side.

The right side was cut to 45° by lining up the 45° angle on the ruler with the first parallel seam.

In order to cut the bias strips I turned the fabric so that the accurately cut edge was to my left. I then cut 2" diagonal strips by lining the 45° angle line with the bottom of the strip and the 2" line with the edge.

The bias strips were then joined by matching the right side of the fabric together at 90° and sewing where I have marked with a pencil line

Once the join has been trimmed at a 45° angle the seam can be pressed open. I pressed all the strip seams to the side. When I had joined all my strips I had 300" of magnificently stripy bias binding as in the top photo.

I have added a 6" border in a silvery grey to my triangles. The backing is pieced in Annali scribble lines in white on light grey with a floral panel from the Sunnyside range. I think the striped binding looks amazing against the silver grey but you will have to take my word for it for a couple of weeks!

I'm linking with Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches for New to me in 2014 to show off my lovely stripy binding.

Have to go and get ready for my daughter visiting this weekend with Jacob and Isobel and friends coming for dinner too tomorrow night.



  1. That binding is amazing!! Very cool!

  2. Love, Love your binding! and I just might join you for that fabric postcard QAL, I have a ton of sites bookmarked with tutorials and will share them when the postcard makes it to it's final destination, I wanted to keep some of it a secret ;)

  3. I love your binding. I've done scrappy ones before but not like that. THanks for the link and the photos. I can see one of these in my near future xx

  4. Love that binding! It would be so effective!

  5. Your binding is amazing. I can't wait to see your triangle quilt :)

  6. Amazing binding! I would struggle with all those seams but you have pulled it off brilliantly.

    Thanks for linking up to New to Me too


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