Monday, 8 June 2015

Monday morning

It is sunny outside and I've woken up feeling optimistic and happy. For some reason I started thinking about the song "Monday, Monday" by the Mamas and the Papas; anyone remember it? Well it was a long time ago (1966) so you are forgiven if you don't know it. I checked out the lyrics and find they are so sad- that's really weird. I'm not sure why I associate it with feeling good. I must never have paid attention to the words. Still, it is a brand new week full of possibilities.

First, the almost finished top of a table runner.

I took a class on foundation paper piecing with Jeannie Duncan-Farr at Cutting Edge last week. I love FPP- the way you just cover the paper and get accurate points. Jeannie had designed a colourful table runner with a flying geese border.

Jeannies table runner from the Cutting Edge website
 I had chosen an entirely different colour palette for mine and struggled a bit as I did not have any green for the leaves. Still, here are some photos of my progress.

I have pieced the whole top now but still need to appliqué the central flower. It will be interesting to see how everyone else got on when we meet tomorrow for our monthly meeting. I plan to start a new embroidery as it will be something that is easy to do in the garden while enjoying the sunny weather.

Mike and I took a trip to the National Botanic Garden of Wales yesterday and what a treat! The main aims of the garden are conservation and research that is accessible to all. This gem of a garden is only an hour away from Cardiff and yet I only visited it once in the year it opened to my shame. The planting has matured and there is something for everyone to explore; history, sculpture, plants in medicine, bees, glorious gardens and the largest single span glasshouse in the world that was designed by Norman Foster and partners. A few photos....

It was difficult to show the scale of the glasshouse because of the way it nestles in the landscape.

If you are planning a trip to Wales try to get to visit the garden. Something here for everyone.

Have a great sewing week,


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  1. Your runner is beautiful! I was just reading something about the Welsh Botanic Garden when I was having my morning coffee break saying how wonderful it was, and then I see your post! What a coincidence hey. It looks like a really great place to visit. So glad that you enjoyed it. xx

  2. wow--the greenhouse looks like a great place to visit. Does it stay warm in the winter or close?

  3. I'm not fond of fpp but I do like the look it gives. Your table runner is fantastic.

    I miss the gardens of Great Britain. Where ever we lived my father always had a beautiful garden and visit botanic gardens bring back the best memories. Maybe someday soon we will get home and be able to visit the gardens.


  4. Lovely photos Catherine, I'll have to visit the garden. Another thing for the list!
    Your table runner is gorgeous - looks complicated! Love the purples and blues.

  5. Never tried paper piecing but the table runner looks gorgeous. Love the colors and the fabric.
    I think, I would leave off the center flower, looks good as it is or I would go with another angular shape (diamond or square on point).

    Oh and I found you over Monday Makers. :)


  6. I love your table runner Catherine. Those flying gees look very nice and neat. I have tried paperpiecing only once but after seeing your runner, i think i will try it one more time! And yes, I remember that song even though I am an 80s girl-born in 1980. Just listened to it again and it made me smile...Thank you for linking up with me for Monday Makers and I hope you come back again! Cheers, Nurdan from Hug-a-Bit Quilts.

  7. What a beautiful table runner and design! It is neat to see it in both colorways! The Botanical Garden looks neat also!

  8. Your table runner is beautiful. I love your color choices and the design. Flying Geese are one of my favorite blocks and I love how they frame the funner. Nicely done!

  9. Beautiful jewel tones! Never been to the Botonic gardens in Wales or even the one in Dublin! Looks like it was well worth the visit.

  10. Yes, yes I do remember that song and haven't heard it in ages! Hmm I must not have listened to the words either, I always thought of it as an upbeat tune! Love your table runner, such pretty colors.

  11. Beautiful Table runner. Is it a pattern or was it just used it the class? I have tried PP but gave up, I think now I could probably finish something like this. Is the pattern available to purchase?

  12. Catherine I don't really know the words to the song either but the music is great LOL. Thanks so much for the lovely photos of the park and how beautiful it is to see the glass house so much part of the landscape, beautiful designed and made to look like is belongs there. Your table runner is going to look stunning, great choice of colours. Cheers Glenda PS Love the fairy ring LOL if rather prickly.

  13. Your runner is just beautiful and so are your wonderful photos. I love batiks and see that you have used them well.

  14. Your table runner is fabulous Catherine-well done. I have put a link to your blog in the report about yesterday's Cutting Edge session. I am off to the National Botanical Gardens of Wales at the end of June as the Gardeners World Garden party is there this year. Like you I haven't been there since it opened

  15. Your table runner is fabulous Catherine-well done. I have put a link to your blog in the report about yesterday's Cutting Edge session. I am off to the National Botanical Gardens of Wales at the end of June as the Gardeners World Garden party is there this year. Like you I haven't been there since it opened

  16. Love that FPP - great colours! Love your other photos too - thanks for sharing!

  17. what a fabulous table runner, love it!

  18. Your table runner is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing your new embroider piece.


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