Friday, 7 August 2015

Summer bunting and Festival of Quilts

Whoa- where did this week go? What happened to Meals on Mondays?

Life is catching up with me. We have had our house on the market for some time and to be honest I was losing interest in moving. However we had a viewing last week and have been told that the couple will be putting in an offer when the survey result on their own property comes through early next week. I know I should not count my chickens but I have a good feeling so we have been viewing properties and trying to sort our sheds out. Mike is due to have a hip replacement in 2 weeks time so if the offer is forthcoming we will need to find a property so we can go forward.

Last week I decided to cheer the conservatory up with some bunting. All the fabrics were found in my stash so I just purchased the white tape.

Mike has finished painting the outside of the conservatory and the inside looks really pretty with 2 lengths of the bunting.

Festival of Quilts is an annual extravaganza of all things quilty in the NEC in Birmingham. I stayed with my daughter in Birmingham the night before the visit to save myself the 2 hours drive and the catch up with all the family news. She is blooming and has just 7 weeks to her due date but understandable she is feeling tired as she works 4 days a week and has Jacob and Isobel (and Matt!) to look after too.

Some of my photos from Festival.

The first is my favourite quilt and I was amazed it did not win the traditional quilt class it was shown in.  The quilter is Kay Bell.
Much more traditional than my normal choice but just look at the quilting!!! 

 a detail of the amazing quilting.

 This quilt was awarded a Judges Choice award by Sandi Lush which was well deserved.
A peek of the back next- it was double sided!!!!

Next for a bit of whimsy are 2 quilts in the section "Adventures in Wonderland".
The first is by Lyn Carr.

 The second by Jane Verrall.

A couple of collages of some of my images.

Lastly an interesting project based on hands.

Where would we be without our hands? The main photo is too small to see the printing on the images but I snapped the image that was relevant for me. Memories of my work in SCBU at Withington Hospital in the 1980s.

So many quilts were exhibited that I felt  overwhelmed and quilted out by the end of the afternoon. Did I tell you that I shopped too? I'll reveal my goodies next time. 

We are off house viewing tomorrow. Have a marvelous weekend,



  1. Your bunting is lovely - looks like the perfect addition to your conservatory. Nice to see the quils from Birmingham too - it would have been such an inspiring visit!

  2. Hope your viewers put in an acceptable offer Catherine and good luck with the viewing. We are in the same boat so you have my sympathies :)
    Some of the quilts on display at the FoQ were amazing, weren't they? I loved the minis, they were my favourites.

  3. Your bunting looks lovely :)
    I hope you find somewhere you like and your house moving goes smoothly :)

  4. Hope you've received some good news on the house front - are you staying in the same area?
    Wonderful, intricate quilts - so creative! Must have been an inspiring day.

  5. Your conservatory looks great. Thanks fir stating the FOQ pics, I didn't get there this year!

  6. Good Afternoon Catherine, It's lovely to meet you. I was visiting another blog and discovered yours so I thought I would pop over to say hello.
    I am keep my fingers crossed that the sale of your house goes through speedily and that you will find your new house very soon.
    I am visiting the Harrogate Quilt Show on Friday and I am really looking forward to enjoying the quilts on offer and to pick up the odd piece of material..... or two. If the Birmingham Quilt Festival is anything to go by I should be in for a treat.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes


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