Sunday, 22 November 2015

Blog on hold until after the New Year

Hi everyone,

I received an email from a bloggy friend this afternoon that made me feel very guilty. Was everything all right? Where was I?????
I have been very slack on the sewing front recently and although things have been happening here I could not find the time or energy to write.
We have had an offer on the house and have found a house we love in the Malvern area. Mike and I are holding our breath until we complete the sale. Life is taken up with trips to the tip, car boot sales and trips to the charity shops as well as all our family obligations.
If I had my way we would be moving before Christmas but at the moment it looks like we might exchange before the holiday and complete early in January. At least I have the time to sort through our stuff and box up those things I want to keep. Who knew we had so much rubbish?
In the meantime I can only apologise for not letting everyone know what was going on.

Wishing everyone a fabulous time over the holidays.



  1. Since you had mentioned possible move in an earlier post, I figured that was keeping you busy. Sorting, packing, moving, is such a huge job! Hope all goes smoothly, and that you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Good luck with the move Catherine, look forward to hearing all about it in the New Year :)

  3. I stopped by here the other day and was wondering myself. Thanks for the explanation and I hope things go well for you with the move.

  4. Good luck with the move, glad it's an exciting reason x

  5. Good luck with your house and move and I hope it all works out just the way you like. Happy Holidays!

  6. Sounds like a very busy time! All the best for the move. Hope you still find time to relax a little over Christmas.

  7. Thank you for your comments on my blog - I look forward to reading more from your blog in the new year when the moving house madness has calmed down a bit! Hope the move goes well - it will be worth the upheaval once you are settled in your new home.


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