Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Triangle quilt finished at last

During the last ten days I have driven from Cardiff to Somerset and back, Cardiff to Plymouth and back and then up to the Lake District and back so please forgive me for writing this in bed while drinking my tea. Finally though, I have finished the triangle QAL before the final deadline of July 31st.

The QAL was run by Paula (the Sassy Quilter) and finished on April 25th but so many of us were not ready so Paula extended the QAL for a second deadline thank goodness. This gave me the incentive to push through the pain barrier and I finished last week. It may be some time before I attempt another triangle quilt!

Anyway, prepare for some photos of the quilt taken in the Lake District at it's new home. I am so pleased with this quilt.

Sunnyside layer cake by Kate Spain for Moda, plus extra yardage.
Kona: Bluebell, cactus and azure for plain triangles
Kona silver for border and back.
Back: Annali Scribble and one of the Sunnyside prints.

I could kick myself for forgetting to take a closeup of the binding which is pieced and all stripy. (I blogged about making it here.) I shall ask Susannah to send a photo when she has time. I cut this as 2" binding and this really made life difficult with all the seams. If I ever do stripy binding again it would have to be 2½".

Sue Phillips made a super job of the quilting again.

I attended a 'quilt as you go' class in Eccleshall, Staffordshire on the way up north. This was at the Corner Patch, a super quilting shop run by Jane. I joined 5 local ladies for the class. Our tutor was Chris Frances. She managed to demystify the techniques by teaching us to make a simple table runner. Again no photo as I left this in Cumbria where it has become a dolly's pram quilt. However I am gaining confidence and will now try to quilt small projects myself.

Finally a photo of Hugo with his quilt.

So I have no WIPs at all and can start a new project with a clean slate. I have fabrics for a baby playmat, fabric for Isobel's quilt and for a quilt for myself at long last. Which will it be?

Linking up to Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts for a Tuesday finish and to the Triangle QAL- Last Chance Link UP!

Have a great week. I am off to a class in FMQ today!



  1. Love the quilt. I can see the binding if I click on the photo as it enlarges it. It looks great. To be honest I always cut my binding at 2.5" as it gives a bit more room to play with.
    Apparently there's a Katherine Guerrier quilt exhibition at the Rhondda Heritage park at the end of the month if you are interested xxx

  2. I love your circular quilting. It really makes the design pop.

  3. Whoohoo! Congrats on having a clean slate. I think you should make a project for yourself! This sounds like the perfect opportunity for you. :) Love that circle quilting.

  4. All the pain was so worth it...your Triangle quilt is a stunner!! Great photos. I'm with Rachel.....me thinks you should make a beautiful quilt for yourself!!

  5. Your triangle quilt has turned out beautifully. The fabrics are lovely and the quilting looks great. I also love the picture of Hugo with his quilt. You must be exhausted from all that driving. I think you may need a break before you start something else!

    1. I can't tell you how much I need a break! Thanks for the very kind comments. I love this one.

  6. Hugo looks very happy with his quilt.
    I always cut my binding at 2 1/2" also, although now that I'm doing it all by machine, I might try 2 1/4".
    I think you deserve to do something for yourself!
    I have WAY too many WIPs hanging around. Gotta get to it!

  7. Your triangle quilt is beautiful, Catherine. Gorgeous fabrics.

  8. Beautiful work! And your quilter did a lovely job as well-- the circle/bubble quilting with all those straight lines is gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful finish! and such great pics:) Loveeeee that binding, what a great detail. I can't imagine having a clean slate...working on it though!


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