Monday, 8 September 2014

Like swallows...

Like swallows, the last of my summer visitors have flown away and we are left with happy memories of meals shared, conversation and trips, not to mention a fridge full of left-overs and bits. We will not be going food shopping for a few days. The house is nearly back to normal and we have spent a few hours tidying the garden.
Not much accomplished this week on the crafting front. I've managed a few more rows of my Coast ripple blanket (now up to thirteen colours) but no quilting whatsoever. I've promised myself a full day of quilting tomorrow.

Firstly a ripple blanket progress photo. It will be a single bed size blanket when I finish.

Last week I went with my two friends, Gilly and Jan, to Lampeter which was looking glorious in the sunshine. We will all be doing a quilting class which starts next week to make a quilted bag to carry our cutting mats. I had a 2m. piece of Kaffe Fassett for the inside of the bag but needed more fabric for background and appliqué. I'm sure I might have had enough fabric if I had looked hard enough but I needed some inspiration and there is no better place than Calico Kates.

The very bright fabric in the background is my original choice for the lining of the bag from my stash. The lighter gold will be the background for the blocks. The design has 4 flower pots which will be made from the basket weave plus a.n.other and the flowery Kaffe print will be some of the flowers. There are also maple leaf blocks for which I will use the dark green and possibly some red and burnt orange fabric.

I also acquired these autumnal beauties. The fabric on the left is some vintage Liberty. The label on the back says it is Liberty Gloriosa, Cottage Garden in colour way A. I'm not sure how old this is, could it be 1950s?

While we were in Lampeter we visited the exhibition in the Jen Jones Quilt Centre. The current exhibition, Early to Bed,  has been running for some time. The displays are of 19th century quilts which celebrate the folk art and  make do and mend of that era.

A quilt made with tweed from a tailor's sample book

The original labels on the reverse of the tweed

And lastly some Victorian hall tiling inspiration.

I'm hoping to make 2 or 3 of my Summer Breeze blocks tomorrow before summer breezes become autumn gales!

I'm linking to Wool on Sundays.


  1. The exhibition looks so inspiring!! Beautiful autumnal fabric picks :)

  2. Your ripple blanket s growing beautifully and I'm looking forward to your quilted bag. I was surprised to see those tiles. We used to have a victorian house with identical ones in the hall and a sort of greek key pattern around the edges! Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  3. Those tiles are just crying out to be a quilt! Love your ripple blanket it will be a stunner :)

  4. I love your Kaffe Fassett fabric choices. And the exhibition looks fascinating - what a lot of inspiration!

  5. This post is a feast for the eyes. Such gorgeous fabrics and your ripple blanket is looking a treat. I love the colours. What an interesting exhibition, I love the 19th century quilts and love, love the beds they are resting on. I hope those autumn gales are a way off yet!


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