Saturday, 1 February 2014

My first crochet project- the Nordic Shawl

the start of the shawl

I'm linking up with Janine's Wool on Sundays party this morning at Rainbow Hare Quilts.

My beginner's crochet class is finishing next Tuesday evening and I've chosen the pattern and wool for my first project. It is the Nordic Shawl by Annette Ciccarelli at My Rose Valley  I'm making it in Bergere Ideal as you can see above but adding in one or two balls of DK from my stash. Until I started quilting and crochet I had not realised that purple tones were my favourites.

Initially I had thought to make a blanket but the prospect of such a lot of work before I had something to show you was too much to contemplate. Annette's blog is so pretty and full of gorgeous photos. I am so envious! 
The finished shawl looks amazing on Annette. I only hope I don't look too grannyish in mine when it is done. (so, what's wrong with that, I am a granny!)

Nordic shawl

I have finished the blue card I had blocked and I am pleased with the result. The bluebell colour really suits Isobel so I'm sure Jenny will love it. It is knitted in Sirdar Snuggly.

My yarn arrived and I made a start on the Spate fingerless mitts during the week but need to go on Youtube this weekend to master the Magic loop method of knitting in the round. 

So, that's all my yarn doings for now.



  1. what a lovely project, and really like the colours you've picked. Gorgeous cardy too, I'm sure it will look so sweet on Isobel x

  2. Wonderful! I am so looking forward to this. Keep me posted on your Nordic Shawl journey. Thanks for linking and enjoy!
    My Rose Valley

    1. Thank you Annette for letting me use the photo collage. I'll post about it again when it is finished. Fingers crossed!

  3. You've chosen beautiful colours for your shawl. I'm looking forward to seeing it grow. And the cardi is lovely too :) Thank you for linking with Wool on Sundays :)

  4. I love the main colour of the shawl and the colours you chose to blend with it are gorgeous. The cardigan is lovely too.

  5. I keep seeing that Nordic shawl on different blogs and it's so lovely. I like the way different people interpret the colours in different ways. The colours you've chosen are really nice. x

    1. Thank you. I'm loving this pattern as it is so easy and is growing quickly. I'm not sure about the pale yellow though.


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