Sunday, 22 February 2015

Entangled Vines update- hate the yarn!

Do you ever start knitting with a yarn and really liking the feel and texture of it and then change your mind? I'm using Bergere Magic+ for my Entangled Vines. I loved the slightly soft feel and the colour when I started. As I have progressed with the sleeves, which are knitted on DPNS, I have had problems with splitting and pulling of the fibres with the ends of the needles. The whole cardi is knitted top down on a long circular needle so that there is a lot of weight and the yarn is probably handled more than if it were knitted in separate pieces. The photo with the book is taken with flash and this has made the stitches look neater but if you compare it to the photo below which was taken without flash you can see how uneven and slightly felted it looks. It may help to enlarge the photo on your browser. I'm seriously falling out of love with it and only hope that trying to even the stitches out with blocking will help.

I'll have to finish it now as it has cost me too much but I hate the lack of stitch definition. On the up side; as it is knit in one piece there will be no seaming and I have been able to try it on. It fits!

My book this week was lent to me by my friend Celia. It is The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow. Celia knows all about my quilting and thought this might suit me. It is about a woman who finds a quilt in her mother's attic and sets out to discover the secrets behind it. Asylums, royalty and love. If only my quilts had such a back story!An easy read and maybe not the best written book by a long way but enjoyable all the same. 
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  1. I always find it extremely depressing to work on something that I don't really love - how disappointing for you :( I hope blocking sorts out the issues you're having.

  2. Well that is frustrating! Looks like you've done very well to me, so I hope you like it after blocking.

    Such a pretty sunny room in your previous post. We have hail storms here, so I've never seen a glass roof.

  3. It is a nice colour and you have done a lot it fits so that is something the pattern on the sleeve good so I hope it looks is better when it is blocked.

  4. Sorry you are not liking the yarn at the moment. You've got a lot done this week and it is actually looking very nice to me in the photos. I do expect it will end up being lovely. I know that often things have a bad stage in the middle and then magically come together looking good once they're finished. I also read EZ saying that she used to think 'knitters of old' were really skilled because their stitches were so even but then she found that the stitches even themselves out over time with washing and wearing. Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  5. That's a shame, maybe the love will return when the knitting's done? Have to say it looks pretty good to me, but I know what it's like when you're not happy with something. Book sounds fun, I'm reading the Knitting Circle at the moment. Moving and rather sad so far.

  6. Wondering if after it's washed and blocked if the stitch definintion would look better? I'm making a hat from Debbie Bliss Merino wool and it's fraying as i work with it - very frustrating!


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