Friday, 14 November 2014

A finish and a conundrum

I never thought I would be as busy when I was retired but these days I never stop. Mike and I have been away for the last two weekends; first to catch up with our family "up North" in the Lake District  for Halloween and then in Leicestershire for the Remembrance day service at the parish where Michael's grandfather was vicar from 1913-1923. There was a huge turnout at the church and then afterwards we attended a book launch at Wymeswold Memorial Hall. The book is "Bringing them home: the story of the Lost sons of Wymeswold" by Ivor F. Perry. Ivor researched the stories of all the boys and men who went to war in 1914 and never returned. There was an exhibition of first world war artefacts and the research. Michael's grandfather, as vicar,  had been instrumental in co-ordinating the memorial committee and in the decision to have a memorial hall as a place for the whole village to meet. Michael was asked to unveil a new plaque at the hall.

Wymeswold Parish Church, St Marys.

The highlight of the week for me was acquiring a haberdashery shop unit from eBay. These usually go for a lot of money but we set a limit and got the counter for less than £250. It is 6 ft long and has sixteen solid oak drawers with half moon handles, a glass top and back. The only place we can keep it is in the conservatory as it is too large for anywhere else. Mike has replaced the beading on the kick board and it is like new. We think it is likely to be from the 1950/60's. This morning I spent hours sorting my fabrics into colour groupings. I am so pleased there was room for all my fabrics, WIPs and threads with a large space under the drawers for mats and large rulers.

I know that the light in the conservatory is likely to be strong enough to fade fabric colours so I have only put small current projects in the top drawers and will cover them.

Next; a FINISH! The Coastal Ripple blanket has been around the house for at least 3 months and I am beginning to feel a bit snowed under with lots of things to finish for Christmas. The blanket will be a present so I'll not publish this to Facebook and spoil the surprise. I will need to steam the corners gently to square them up and darn in the ends from the border but I could not wait any longer to show you.

I just love the colours that were chosen by Lucy of Attic 24 for her Coast Ripple. The pack is available at Wool Warehouse. I enjoyed this so much I've bought the Cosy pack too but will not start until after Christmas. There is a lovely rhythm to the crochet stitches in this blanket and it is ideal to do in front of the TV.

Finally, do you wash? Not you but your fabrics for quilting?
I have never done this before but I am about to cut my fabric for a Japanese +x quilt class next week. I chose a very modern dark fabric- Juggling Summer by Zen Chic for Moda. I saw this in Calico Kates in Lampeter in the summer and had to have it. It is totally not my normal style and I am not sure what I will do with it when it is finished either but I loved it!

I added Kona fabrics in Putty and Amber and since this photo was taken, a pale grey in the Juggling Summer range. As the prints were so intensely coloured I did two separate washes and threw in a couple of colour catchers.This is how they ended up.

Just so glad I did wash this time. I would hate to do all the work in a quilt and then have muddy spoilt colours.

I am going to the West Country Quilt Show tomorrow. I entered a quilt for the first time, not I might add in the hope of winning, but for the experience of seeing my quilt hanging up for all to see. I feel a little recreational shopping coming on too.

I'll be linking up to Wool on Sundays and Yarnalong.


  1. You've made me want to make a ripple blanket, yours is just gorgeous! What a wonderful present! Fabulous haberdashery unit too, really like the look of it, and such a great idea - I could definitely do with being more organised. Fingers crossed for the weekend! x

  2. Oooh......I am sooooo in love with your haberdashery cabinet. Sooo jealous!! Your coastal ripple blanket is impressive; love the gradation of colour. I always wash my fabrics before sewing, except the little charm packs. Those new fabrics are lovely. 'Tis always a good thing to try something a li'l different to what you would normally do. How wonderful that you are busier than ever......

  3. Love the habby cupboard you will be so organised now you won't know what to do with yourself :) The ripple blanket is amazing.

    I always wash red fabrics as I am a bit wary of them but I am a bit haphazard about washing other ones, I really ought to be more consistent.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a wonderful piece of furniture to acquire!!! Perfect for craft storage!! Your ripple blanket is beautiful. I am such a fan of Attic24! How fun to have gotten one of her kits!

  5. That's a cracking cabinet and so classically stylish too. I'm convinced there's a self adhesive film that offers UV resistance but no idea where you get it from but a quick google found this site, where it mentions UV resistant qualities. Although the ripple blanket looks smashing laid over, it really does deserve to be wrapped round laps or shoulders lol its beautiful!

  6. Your blanket is lovely - I love the colours you chose for it. And your haberdashery unit - what a find! I don't prewash fabric, but it is scary how your colour catchers turned out in this case :-(

  7. You have been busy. Thank goodness you washed that fabric. I sometimes wash, depending on the make but I've always thought moda was safe until now. I do always wash quilts (and in fact nearly everything else as well) with colour catchers though. Your cabinet is an amazing find - perfect for all your projects. And the ripple blanket is gorgeous. It will be a lovely present. Congrats on finishing it and thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  8. that is a fab bit of furniture, what a great find! it also makes the perfect place to take photos! Love the blanket, such pretty colours

  9. Hi Catherine! I love your NEW furniture! I wish you could place it so that you can see it also from the other side. Beautiful Fabrics - not my usual style, but I love them! Somehow I start to miss darker colours for a change. I wash all the Fabrics before using them. Ripple blanket ended up fantastic! x Teje


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