Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Foundation paper piecing

I've been impressed with some of the blogs using this technique and thought I'd try a new technique to me. I came across the Hummingbird block and quilt made by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts and it seemed it would kill two birds with one stone. A new technique for me and using up some scraps from my stash that were left over from making bunting for my granddaughters.    

The instructions were fairly easy to follow and I made a few practice blocks. It seems counter-intuitive to cut pieces larger than needed then trim afterwards but I have to agree the results are pretty good. Accuracy was all in our beginner's class…... 

…...After thinking things over last night I've decided to make a single bed quilt for my eldest granddaughter Alexandra. She's four now and my daughter has ordered her a French style daybed. It should have arrived before Christmas but will be here in February. She is having mostly white bedlinen so I think that a feminine quilt on top would look fab. I have ordered a Nel Whatmore Secret Garden Fat quarter pack in the linen colour way and some Spectrum Plain in latte to tone with it. I like the look of the Secret Garden; feminine but not too much of a baby pink. Pink has been Lexies favourite colour to date. Should that be discouraged? I'm not so sure.

So, waiting for the fabric to arrive…..

I'm sitting in bed enjoying my breakfast this morning. A treat from my dear husband. I can see frost on our neighbour's roof and I'm in no hurry to get up. The joys of retirement - not that I do it much!

Browsing through links on blogs I came across the following post and as I agree so much with Catherine who blogs at Knotted Cotton I am going to join up.
I think I am a bit of a Type A, obsessive personality and when I find a new interest it tends to take over my life; knitting, family history, sewing, quilting and now blogging. 

Crochet class tonight so I'd better have a practice doing a couple of squares and trying to remember all the stitches. Don't want to be the dunce of the class and hold them all up!



  1. paper piecing is fine. I love that you don't have to cut the fabric pieces accurately but I don't enjoy the waste of fabric at the end. Sounds like you've ordered some lovely fabric for the quilt - and no, no need to discourage the love of pink I don't think :-)

    1. Thanks for following Deborah. I'm really enjoying contacting so many quilters worldwide

  2. I love foundation piecing. It's great for stars as you get really sharp points. It's great that you are already planning your next quilt. xxx

  3. I think I just like browsing for fabric and the thrill of opening the parcel! All joking aside machine piecing seems so quick that I need something else to do while waiting for the next BOM

  4. Thank you for joining up - so glad to discover your lovely blog!


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