Sunday, 5 January 2014

nothing ventured, nothing gained!

2014 and time for new beginnings. The Christmas decorations are all put in the loft

I reckon that it's never too late to try something new, so this is it. Hold my breath and jump in. I've been reading sewing and quilting blogs avidly since I took up patchwork during 2013 and want to learn how to document my progress. This seems as good a time as any so I'll introduce myself.

I'm a Grandma to 6 beautiful grandchildren, mum to 2 daughters and step mum to another. I'm married, retired and live in Cardiff,UK. I knit, sew, cook and now learning to quilt and blog. Who would have thought it?

Patchwork combines creativity, skill, time for myself and a chance to meet new like-minded people. I'll be posting photos of my first sampler quilt which was just basted today and all my new projects. I would really love your comments and encouragement on my journey.

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